Norths Adams School officials are keeping an eye on enrollment figures that could have a devastating effect on the budget's bottom line.
iBerkshires.Com reports Superintendent Barbara Malkas told the School Committee last week that the school district was still working with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education on the final numbers but the news isn't good.
This is going to create a "significant challenge" going into the budget season, Malkas continued, based on the Chapter 70 education aid impact a drop of 23 students had last year.
Once the data is validated by the state, she will bring a report to the School Committee. The budget will also be affected by state aid and whether there is potential for another stimulus package.
The committee approved a memorandum of agreement with Dufour Tours that provides some adaptability should the school district have to switch back to remote. Malkas described it as a continuation of the letter signed with the bus company in the spring.

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