iBerkshires.Com says North Adams is finally getting a new website designed to be far more user-friendly than the current one. It's set to be launched on Aug. 24.
The North Adams website is more than a decade old — ancient in internet terms — and hasn't had much in the way of upgrades since.
"The current city website has a lot of shortcomings. First and foremost is security," said Mark Pierson, the city's chief information officer. "The site is very vulnerable, it is hard to navigate, it is not modern at all. You cannot resize this for a tablet, a phone, it's very clumsy."
He described the new site as "slick" and easy to navigate and it also translates to tablets and phones. It features an image of the downtown with navigation links  for home, government, business, residents, visitors and help at the top styled like the city's new hexagon logo.

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