North Adams Police are asking for your help in identifying a woman sought as "a person of interest" in a motor vehicle theft yesterday.  The woman was last seen on Union Street by McDonalds.  No information was released on the vehicle or the owner of the stolen vehicle.In a post to the North Adams Facebook page, they ask anyone with any information on this "person of interest" to reach out to the North Adams Police Department at 413-664-4945 x 1.  According to the post your call can remain anonymous if you would like it to be.

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The actual post from the North Adams Police Department is below.

North Adams Police Department, Massachusetts

NAPD is requesting the public’s assistance with identifying this female. On 6/9/21 there was a motor vehicle theft that had occurred and this unknown female is a person of interest. She was last seen in the Union St area by McDonalds. If anyone recognizes this party we ask if you could please contact NAPD Dispatch at 413-664-4945 x 1 and all callers can remain anonymous if you choose.  Thank you for your assistance.

According to an article at car theft jumped dramatically in the country during the pandemic.  Reports of stolen cars were up almost 10% in 2020 compared to 2019 according to the National insurance Crime Bureau.

Although a stolen car would be covered under a comprehensive insurance policy, the insurance company is likely to pay on the amount the car is worth at the time of the theft, leaving the vehicle owner holding the bag to cover the rest of the loan if the vehicle is not paid off.

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