The North Adams Police Department oversaw what could only be described as a "steal" on Saturday morning. The department auctioned off nearly 100 items, mostly bicycles, at the Armory for prices that rarely bumped past $5. reports auctioneer Roy Burdick of the town of Florida swiftly pushed through a listing of adult and children's bicycles that included Rands, Huffys and Schwinns. A practically new Diamondback worth hundreds went for around $50 but most went for a couple bucks.

A number of other items like scooters, kayaks, jewelry and small appliances were also sold off.

The department's Mary Ann King said the inventory came from lost and found and evidence. Most had been in police custody for a couple years. The last auction had been in April 2015.

The money raised from the auction goes to the city to be used by the Police Department for community events.

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