The North Adams City Council Tuesday endorsed a resolution supporting bills in the Legislature that seek to expand voting by mail.
The resolution passed 7-2, with Councilor Robert Moulton Jr. and Wayne Wilkinson voting against.
There are a number of bills in the Legislature addressing mail-in voting, a concept being spurred by the novel coronavirus pandemic, but the document specifically points to bills HD.5026 and S.2654, which calls for ballots to be directly mailed to registered voters. This is similar to how voting is done in Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah and Washington State.
A third bill referenced, H.4623 and presented by 3rd Berkshire state Rep. Paul Mark, would create "no excuse" absentee voting by application. Massachusetts has limited mail balloting that requires voters to state they are unable physically to get to a polling place when they make out an application for a ballot.
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