Local pouring establishments are getting some relief on license fees this coming year to help mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Licensing Board on Tuesday voted to institute a flat $100 fee for restaurants and taverns that fall under Section 12 in the state code.
The board at its last meeting had broached the idea of providing some kind of abatement or discount on this past year's fees to recognize the effect the novel coronavirus has had on this section of the hospitality industry. Some venues have had to close while others switched to takeout in the early months of the pandemic.
Annual licensing fees range from $900 to $1,575 a year or more depending on the type of establishment and alcohol license.
Those business have already paid almost $2,000 for this year, said Breen, "and we're asking them for almost another $2,000 in a month and they haven't had the doors open for eight months and some have been a little bit open."
He noted that Springfield had taken the action of waiving all renewal fees for its taverns and restaurants.
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