Mayor Thomas Bernard reaffirmed Monday that he is willing to keep the city's shooting range open — under the right circumstances.

The Berkshire Eagle reports the city is awaiting quotes for a new insurance policy on its public gun range, which is set to close at the end of the year due to a lack of coverage.

City officials recently completed an application for an insurance quote through Greylock Insurance Agency and is waiting to see if any insurers will offer coverage — as well as the price and parameters of the policy.

In June, Bernard announced that the city's insurer had been unaware that the Pattison Road shooting range was open to the public, and that coverage would cease on July 1, 2019.

Earlier this month, the City Council passed a resolution imploring the mayor to seek alternative insurance coverage and keep the range open.

The insurance application process began on Sept. 25 and included a detailed accounting of operations at the range, which does not have a budget or any staff of its own. The range's current operations do not meet the standards of national organizations cited in the application, according to Bernard.

The range had 82 permitted users as of this month. Although that's an increase of about 20 since June, Bernard noted that it's just three more users than its peak last year. About one-quarter of the range's permitted users are not North Adams residents.

At council meetings, users of the range have expressed a willingness to increase their annual fee — currently $20 for North Adams residents and $25 for nonresidents — to cover the additional insurance cost.


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