iBerkshires.com  reports  the Public Arts Commission is being charged to come up with a public art master plan for the city — but commissioners want more information on what is expected of them.
Chairwoman Anna Farrington said the plan came up during discussions with Mayor Thomas Bernard on agenda items for the commission, which has seen a significant changeover in members this year. Farrington was voted in as chairman a couple months ago.
Farrington said she wanted to broach the plan to the commissioners so they could begin thinking about it.
 The Public Arts Commission has been struggling with its place in the city's governance since its creation nearly four years ago. It's founding ordinance has been rewritten twice since then, it's seen member turnover and it's been trying to feel out its role as both arts advocate and permitting authority.
Farrington said before they continued the conversation she wanted to look at other master plans, in particular a New York town and Boise, Idaho. According to Boise's website, its cultural master plan is an "overview of existing cultural resources and strategic vision for future investments." It was lead by Boise's Department of Arts & History that was established in 2008.

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