The Berkshire Eagle reports that  an Open Meeting Law complaint revealed that the Airport Commission has failed to retain more than 30 years of meeting minutes.

 Gerrit Blauvelt of Williamstown was looking for minutes related to Harriman & West Airport's easements in Williamstown and the runway expansion project about 20 years ago.
In his complaint to the attorney general's office on Dec. 15, Blauvelt said he had also appealed to the secretary of the commonwealth's office "as the City of North Adams responded to my request for meeting minutes from the North Adams Airport Commission that no meeting minutes exist from June 18, 1982, until what appears to be August 2017 because of confusion over filing meeting minutes with the city clerk prior to a city ordinance change."
The ordinance change in 2017 requires boards and commissions to provide minutes to the city clerk's office within two weeks of a meeting, even if they are unofficial. It had been noted that certain bodies would sometimes go months or longer before approving or submitting minutes for the record.

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