Noah Hicks couldn’t wrap his head around making music a career, until he did. In 2020, the singer moved from his home in Georgia to take a stab at music in Nashville — with his guitar and songs to prove he had something special in hand.

“I never thought being a singer was even possible, I intended to do what everyone else did,” Hicks expresses in a press release ahead of the EP. “I’ve worked farms, built fences, tended cows, tinted windows, but becoming an artist was always just a dream. Now I’m blessed to call it my job.”

The up-and-comer has a distinct voice and go-getter mentality that have helped not only set him apart, but also given him the grit to establish his own place and path in the music industry.

As Hicks releases his new EP, Tripping Over My Boots, the singer demonstrates his witty, creative writing chops, coupled with his unique country twang.

Listen exclusively on Taste of Country:

The six-track EP drips with musical energy options. If you’re looking for upbeat vivacity, you’ll find that in his electric “Breaking Up & Getting Drunk” anthem. At the same time, Hicks shows his slower, windows-down anthem through the title track, “Tripping Over My Boots.”

Prior to the EP release, Hicks delivered “Making Up My Mind,” a lovestruck song that came coupled with a music video. In the production, Hicks appears with no guitar in hand, but back doing what he thought his career path would look like if void of music. The clip shows him working out on the farm — a setting that's as organic to him as his voice.

The singer has been turning heads in the country music industry. Billboard noted him as “Country Rookie of the Month,” and he’s been receiving accolades from various media outlets. With a conglomerate of fans following quickly behind, the Georgia native is only getting started.

Hicks will be promoting his new EP by touring with Ernest starting in October, with additional headlining dates coming in the fall.

Noah Hicks, Tripping Over My Boots Tracklist:

1. “Breaking Up & Getting Drunk”
2. “Creek Don’t Rise”
3. “Different Boots”
4. “Making Up My Mind”
5. “Tripping Over My Boots”
6. “Back Home Buds”

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