With the electric/hybrid market heating up in smog-choked China, a new car company is hoping it can make a name for itself with a $45,000 SUV packed with high-tech features.

For example? The doors unlock when the car sees your face.

Facial recognition tech is just one of the features of the concept SUV from Byton, a company started by former BMW engineers. The advanced vehicle was unveiled at the electronics expo E3 in Vegas on Sunday.

According to its website, the sleek SUV also boasts a 49 inch screen across the dashboard, and capability for you to carry on video chats like video conference meetings.

To avoid the obvious built-in distraction, the car will boast a driver assistance system, and the company says it will be upgraded to fully autonomous via a software update by 2020.

What's more, the manufacturer says the vehicle can be 80% charged in just 30 minutes and will feature voice recognition, Amazon's Alexa on-board, gesture controls, and other space-aged bells and whistles.

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