There may be new owners taking over the Berkshire Mall

I reports that Durga Property Holdings, Inc. out of Cincinnati apparently paid the taxes owed to the town.
At this point, there is no record of a deed exchange in the Northern Berkshire Registry of Deeds. So it is unclear exactly what Durga's involvement is.

Local officials say the company identified themselves as the"new owner."

Durga also owns other properties including Orchards Mall in Michigan, which the company bought from the Berkshire Mall's current owner Kohan Retail Investment Group.

Vijaya Kumar Vemulapalli is listed as the head of the company in the paperwork filed with the Ohio Secretary of State's Office.

The Berkshire Mall was closed earlier in the year after facing significant issues with back taxes and utilities.

The Berkshire mall's website was shut down and Kohan removed the mall from the list of properties its website.

Rumors of the sale, or pending sale, have circulated around town and little is actually known. However, the payment of the taxes has come at a great relief to town officials.

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