A new app that uses innovative, facial recognition is now being used to reunite people with their missing pets.

Pet owners can upload a photo of their missing dog or cat and click "lost" on the free app. After typing in some basic information, the app, known as Finding Rover, will scan a database of more than a million rescued or found animals that could be a match.

Finding Rover has an accuracy rate of 98%, according to the app's founder, John Polimeno. The app's database scans for fur color and texture, snout length and space between the eyes, among other traits.

Good Morning America entered a dog named Lucy into the app's database and marked her as lost. After a quick scan, Lucy's exact photo popped up in seconds.

So far, the service had partnered with nearly 600 shelters in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

The app is not meant for being a replacement for microchipping your pet. But it's an added layer of protection should they go missing.

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