Continuing with our series of scam articles, we have another text scam to inform you about as the message is popping up on the phones of Berkshire County and Massachusetts residents. This latest scam Berkshire County is seeing is a Netflix Membership Update text scam.

While at Our Berkshire County Home a Few Days Ago, My Wife Received This Suspicious Text.

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As usual, my wife did not tap the text. Instead, we took a screenshot of it and sent it to my email so I can share it with you. I also learned recently that a few of my friends received this text on their phones as well. This text is more than likely a scam and you certainly don't want to open the link. Who knows what's waiting for you on the other side.

Berkshire County Residents Can be Confident in Knowing That Netflix Does Not Send Out These Type of Texts.

On their website, Netflix has a statement regarding these types of scam texts. Here is their statement.

Did you receive an email or text (SMS) requesting your Netflix account email, phone number, password, or payment method? If so, it probably did not come from us. We will never ask you to enter your personal information in a text or email.

In addition, Netflix will not ask for credit/debit cards, bank account details, and/or Netflix passwords.

What Should Berkshire County Residents Do if They Receive the Fake Netflix Text?

The best thing to do is avoid opening the link. In addition, you can contact the Federal Trade Commission and let them know about the text scam by calling (877) 382-4357 or by going here. Also, Netflix has a whole host of tips and suggestions as to what you should do if you receive and/or open the text and you can view that information by going here.

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