With no other good options to move swarms of crows that have descended on the city, National Grid is calling in the BIG Gun.

A sound-emitting propane cannon.

The Berkshire Eagle reports National Grid wants the birds to find a new home because of the threat they pose to company infrastructure. The crows have settled into treetops around the area of Furnace, West Main and Brown streets.

And as mesmerizing as their flights can be at dusk and dawn, when the crows alight on the wires and superstructure of the National Grid substation on Brown Street, it could become a hazard for the birds and the community.

National Grid issued a statement Monday saying there is a potential for a power loss if a crow lands on the wrong piece of equipment.

According to a Facebook post from Joanne DeRose of National Grid, the company will fire the cannon between 4 and 6 p.m. starting Tuesday and continuing through Saturday.

She said city officials have been notified, and anyone with questions should contact National Grid.

Bird are attracted to utility wires because it gives them a view of their surroundings to spot predators and prey, according to the science news website LiveScience.com.

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