The Traffic Commission is recommending that seven metered spaces be installed on the east side of Ashland Street between Summer and Quincy streets.

The   reports the board voted 4-1 to send the recommendation to the City Council with Commissioner MaryAnn King voting against.
Glenn Maloney had appeared before the commission in March on behalf of Very Good Property Development, which had inquired more than a year ago about allowing parking in what is now a no-parking zone. The real estate development company owns the property at 48 Ashland.
Maloney was seeking the addition of metered parking on the east side of Ashland to accommodate the development company's and other businesses along that side of the street.
The major question was how the parking could impact the right-turning lane onto Summer Street. The commission voted to determine the length of turning lanes based on traffic manuals and that, once determined, to measure what standard parking could be implemented along that section of road.
In other business, the commission reviewed a letter from Gail Burda about high hedges blocking sight lines when trying to exit from Olds Street onto Demond Avenue. Her letter was forwarded to Inspection Services since planting height is a code enforcement issue.
Gary Rivers of Reservoir Road asked the commission to consider signage to reduce traffic along the roadway over concerns of a small luxury camping site being constructed on nearby Notch Road. He said there were several warning signs for pitch, curves and children but no speed signage.

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