North Adams Police advise residents to be aware of intruding coyotes in their neighborhoods.

The North Adams Police reported that they are aware of recent coyote sightings in the city and urge residents to secure their garbage and refrain from feeding them. received an email from a resident reporting two coyote sightings in the Franklin Court and Bridge Street area. He wrote that a coyote attacked his cat. He was able to drive the wild animals off with a loud noise but wanted to spread caution for other residents on the dangers they can pose.

He added that he saw the coyotes around sunrise. He noted that they did seem aggressive and were rather large.

Coyotes will prey on small animals attracted by the bird seed from bird feeders.

Those who own a bird feeder should clean up spilled seed daily and get rid of the feeder immediately if coyotes are seen around their yard.

Contrary to popular belief, coyotes are not animals that exclusively live off of areas that are uninhabited by humans, such as forests and mountains. They can dwell in suburban and urban areas and have been known to rummage through garbage, attack pets and even attack humans.

The state has a whole section of its website dedicated to coyotes here.

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