iBerkshires.com reports Charter Spectrum representatives were lambasted by city officials and residents who aired some of their grievances with cable service and support. Around 50 residents filed into the American Legion Post 125 Monday to ask questions, give testimony and bluntly complain to four spectrum representatives Brandon Roberts, George Doin, Anna Lucey and John Fogarty during a two-hour public hearing.

Late last month Bernard suggested holding a community meeting in response to complaints from many users in terms of customer service, the new digital boxes and dropped channels since Charter's takeover of Time-Warner.

Bernard ran through some initial questions and concerns some of which he felt were a breach of the contract with the city, which was signed in 2014 with Time Warner.

Executive Director of Northern Berkshire Community Television Dave Fabiano jumped in and said without the proper warning, they were unable to inform the community that the Public, Educational and Government channels (PEG Channels) would be moving from 15, 16, and 17 to 1301, 1302 and 1303.Bernard said the city will continue to review the contract for other inconstancies possible breaches.

He said the city will push back if needed.

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