IBerkshires.com reports the new Cumberland Farms gas station on Ashland Street is expected to begin construction next spring.

The project was awarded relief from the city's sign ordinance on Monday night and is expected to go before the City Council in October for approval of its underground fuel storage tanks.

The company also plans to speak with the Traffic Commission about installing a proposed crosswalk on Ashland Street near the Blackinton Street intersection.

Cumberland Farms was approved by the Planning Board last week but required special permits from the ZBA to operate a filling station and to have six signs, two more than allowed by ordinance.

Similar to other Cumberland Farms, the company was asking for two signs on the pumping station canopy, three on the building and one free-standing sign toward the south end of the property.

The ZBA approved unanimously the use of six signs, on condition they be consistent with the already approved Cumberland signs in the city, and the use of a filling station and convenience store.

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