The question of the day is how long does it take to paint a crosswalk?

At Bradley and Church streets, the answer is at least three years.

The Berkshire Eagle reports residents in the neighborhood are continuing to push for answers as to why their request for a crosswalk that was approved by the Traffic Commission and City Council — has yet to appear a reality.

Last Tuesday the matter was brought to the attention of Mayor Thomas Bernard's administration to clarify exactly why the sidewalk had never been painted.

Bernard researched the matter and said it appeared that concerns were raised about the proposal after it was approved.

The Mayor explained there was a question raised by the [previous] administration and by public services about sightlines where that crosswalk was proposed,  and that was the concern at the time, that it was not within allowable sightlines traveling from south to north."

Councilor Keith Bona said the crosswalk either needs to be painted, or the administration needs to produce an official explanation for why it can't be.

Bernard said the matter will be addressed in a communication to the City Council and Traffic Commission before the City Council's next meeting.

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