Saturday was move-in day for 120 first-year residential students at MCLA. The traditional routines associated with the day still were in place as parents and family members assisted students moving into their dorm rooms. But, there was a twist: Each new student had to be tested for COVID-19 before being allowed to enter the residence halls.

MCLA did a great job making this as normal as possible."

In addition to the testing, which, because of Saturday morning's wet weather, took place inside the Amsler Campus Center, all students and family members were required to wear face masks. And, because of the pandemic, each student was allowed only one "helper" to move their belongings inside either Hoosac Hall or Berkshire Towers, both of which house first-year students.

The pandemic also caused MCLA to change its traditional living arrangements. This year, all residential students will live in single rooms. Those who live in rooms that traditionally housed roommates will have more space.

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