The date for the reopening of the Mount Greylock summit road has been announced.  The Mount Greylock State Reservation announced the road leading to the top of Mount Greylock will open to vehicle traffic on Saturday, May 22nd..

Mount Greylock is the highest point in Massachusetts at 3,491 feet.  Views of the Berkshires can span 90 miles on a clear day. Mount Greylock was the first wilderness park in the Commonwealth’s history, establishing the park in 1898 to preserve its natural environment for public enjoyment according to the Mount Greylock Reservation FaceBook page.

There is a vast array of outdoor activities to enjoy on the mountain every season of the year.  Mountain biking, hiking, cross country skiing, hunting, camping, snowmobiling and just plain taking in the wonders of nature in the beautiful part of the earth we live so close to.

To park on the mountain the cost is $5 for Mass residents and $20 for out-of-staters.  Check out the Mount Greylock State Reservation Facebook page for event updates.  A great source of information is a click away

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