Massachusetts residents love their fast food. Dunkin' is a clear example of this as the mega fast-food chain was founded in Quincy and today has over 3,000 locations in Massachusetts. Though Dunkin' is popular with Massachusetts folks, it's not the most popular fast-food chain in America.

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Eat This, Not That! recently published an article ranking the 50 most popular fast-food chains in America in 2024. The study was conducted by YouGov and included the traditional burger and chicken joints that you would expect. Pizza places, sub shops, and ice cream joints were also included in the list.

The Most Popular Fast-Food Chain in America Only Has Three Locations in Massachusetts

Unlike Dunkin' which has over 3,000 locations in Massachusetts, America's most popular fast-food chain only has three locations in the Bay State. The most popular fast food chain according to the study is an ice cream chain and that chain is Baskin Robbins. Here's where you can find Baskin Robbins in Massachusetts.

  • Foxboro (127 Main Street)
  • Lexington (10 Woburn Street)
  • Norfolk (134 Main Street)

The Second Most Popular Fast-Food Chain in Massachusetts is Also Known for Its Ice Cream and Has Many Locations Throughout the State 

Another interesting finding from the study is that the second most popular fast-food chain in America is another ice cream joint which is Dairy Queen. Unlike Baskin Robbins, Dairy Queen has more on the menu than just ice cream and cakes. The beloved eatery serves up burgers, chicken, pretzels, and more which pair well with a blizzard or traditional sundae.

Also unlike Baskin Robbins, Dairy Queen has many more locations in Massachusetts including the following towns and cities:

  • Abington (10 locations)
  • Ashland (13 locations)
  •  Bellingham (14 locations)
  • Beverly (8 locations)
  • Brockton (13 locations)
  • Clinton (13 locations)
  • Edgartown (3 locations
  • Falmouth (3 locations)
  • Fitchburg (10 locations)
  • Foxboro (17 locations)
  • Hanover (9 locations)
  • Harwich Port (2 locations)
  • Ipswich (7 locations)
  • Lawrence (11 locations)
  • Leominster (10 locations
  • Marlborough (13 locations)
  • Marshfield (8 locations)
  • Middleboro (10 locations)
  • Middleton (10 locations)
  • Milford (15 locations)
  • Natick (17 locations)
  • North Attleboro (13 locations)
  • North Reading (11 locations)
  • Quincy (14 locations)
  • Salisbury (8 locations)
  • South Yarmouth (3 locations)
  • Spencer (8 locations)
  • West Boylston (12 locations)
  • Westborough (14 locations)
  • Weymouth (12 locations)
  • Worcester (12 locations)

You can view the complete list by going here.

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