Massachusetts is home to a variety of cultural attractions, natural beauty, friendly folks, and fine food. The Bay State is an ideal place not just for tourists but for people who want to lay down roots and start a family. Between being named one of the best states for raising children to having quality education offerings it's no wonder people want to live in Massachusetts.

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Not Every Section of Massachusetts Is Ideal for Living 

Just like any state, Massachusetts has certain cities, towns, and neighborhoods that aren't so safe. While one part of a city or town may be perfectly safe for families with little ones there are other sections that you should avoid. Knowing which areas of Massachusetts are dangerous before moving to the Bay State will save you a lot of time and headaches.

What is the Most Dangerous City in Massachusetts? released a report listing the most dangerous cities in Massachusetts for 2024. The data includes population, violent crimes, property crimes, total offenses, assault, homicide, kidnapping, sex offenses, rape, arson, motor vehicle theft, robbery and drug narcotics in recent years. According to the report, Springfield is the most dangerous city in Massachusetts. The report stated that Springfield's population in 2021 was 154,098. There were 5,337 violent cases in 2021, 5,221 in 2020, and 1,397 in 2019. In 2022, violent crimes occurred at a rate of about 34.63 per 1,000 residents. The site also listed that the worst neighborhoods in Springfield include Metro Center, Pine Point, Hungest Hill, Indian Orchard, Forest Park, South End, and Bay. It was noted that Springfield's crime rate increased from 33.88 per 1,000 residents in 2020 to 34.63 in 2021.

It's Not All Danger in Springfield, Massachusetts

While no city would envy Springfield's recognition of being the 'most dangerous' in Massachusetts, the Bay State's third biggest city also holds the title for being the third best city to live on Social Security in Massachusetts according to GoBanking Rates. Plus, Neighborhood Scout listed Tinkham Road/Penncastle Street, Greenleaf Park, East Forest Park, Forest Park Southeast, and Indian Orchard South as some of the safest neighborhoods in the Springfield area.

What Other Massachusetts Cities Made the List of 'Most Dangerous' for 2024?

The following round out the top five Most Dangerous Cities in Massachusetts for 2024 according to

  • (2) Boston
  • (3) Worcester
  • (4) New Bedford
  • (5) Fall River

You can view the entire list and where your city ranks by going here.

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