For parents looking for a new way to approach story time with their kids comes a new gadget called Moonlite. It's almost like one of those you might have had as a kid, but instead of looking into it, it uses your cellphone's flashlight to project images on the ceiling or wall.

Complete with a growing library of books and an included app, you can use your phone's screen to read along with your little one, while HD pictures from the book appear as if by magic.

The discs, around the size of a silver dollar, slide into a holder that clips right on the corner of your phone, and you simply turn the wheel, and your "page" flips on the screen along with the projected image. In-app sound effects add to the experience.

The gadget was created by former Google executive Natalie Rebot, and conceived as a Kickstarter project; the video of the prototype went viral, racking up more than 40 million views and counting.

Rebot hooked up with award winning toy company SpinMaster to bring it to life. Moonlite is available for pre-order; a starter pack, including several story discs, goes for $24.99.

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