Some sad news from the world of sports. Julio Lugo, who was a player for the 2007 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox, died on Monday of an apparent heart attack. He was 45 years old.

Lugo's family told ESPN Deportes they believe he likely died from a heart attack while leaving a gym in his native Dominican Republic. Lugo would have celebrated his 46th birthday on Tuesday.

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ESPN Deportes reports that Lugo was transported to a hospital in Santo Domingo but could not be revived when the ambulance arrived there. Lugo was a longtime shortstop in the major leagues but probably was most notable(for us here in the Northeast anyway) as being a part of the Boston Red Sox 2007 World Series championship team.

Lugo enjoyed a 12-year career in the major leagues and during that time played with seven different clubs: Boston Red Sox; Atlanta Braves; Baltimore Orioles; Houston Astros; Los Angeles Dodgers; St. Louis Cardinals; and Tampa Bay Rays.

Lugo started his major league career at 24 years old in 2000 with the Houston Astros. The Astros released him in 2003 after a domestic violence arrest for which Lugo was later acquitted.

He then was signed by Tampa Bay before moving on to the Dodgers in 2006. That offseason he signed a 4-year, multi-million contract with the Red Sox. Lugo ended up with a .385 batting average in the 2007 World Series against the Colorado Rockies which was a four-game sweep for the BoSox.

In 2009, the Sox traded Lugo to the St. Louis Cardinals after which he went to the Baltimore Orioles. Lugo closed out his major league career with the Atlanta Braves, playing for one season.

Lugo left the game a .269 career hitter with 80 home runs, 475 RBIs, and 198 stolen bases. For more on this developing story, visit ESPN's website here.

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