McCann Technical School is considering adding a drone program to the school's offerings. reports School Committee member Robert Reilly presented his findings from the Massachusetts Associations of School Committees and of Schools Superintendent's joint conference, held in Boston a week ago. He told the committee he was impressed by a drone program at a Fall River high school.

"It really grabbed me," Reilly said Thursday. "It is not just learning how to fly drones but what they did with them …They did an awful lot of good things."

Reilly said students did aerial mapping of forests and agricultural land. He said the instructor of the program explained how drone pilots can be a huge asset to farmers.

Reilly said there are costs that would come with such a program but added his professional organization has offered to kick in $3,000 to jumpstart the program and purchase drones.

Superintendent James Brosnan said he thought it was a good idea and that he would investigate it.


Reilly said he also served as a delegate representing McCann at the conference to vote on resolutions but felt a subcommittee should be formed to review these resolutions before the conference.

Brosnan suggested that instead of creating a new subcommittee, roll the responsibility into the policy subcommittee that can look at the list of resolutions and recommend to support, not support, or stay silent to the entire committee.

The committee voted to make this change.

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