Are we good tippers here in Massachusetts?

I ask because I read a recent report that said Americans aren’t tipping as much as they used to.  With the economy the way it is right now, and gas prices and inflation hitting everyone hard, I’m not surprised.

During the start of the pandemic, many people, myself included, were both tipping a higher percentage on things, as well as giving tips for services that normally wouldn’t require tipping.  However, those days are long gone.

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But here’s the question you want to know:  Are people in Massachusetts good tippers?

The answer is…it’s hard to say!

We’re not usually ranked one of the best.  Our neighbors to the north in New Hampshire are consistently ranked as good tippers!  Other good tipping states are Ohio, North Carolina, Alabama and Iowa.  This survey also has lots of other fun tipping information, like what age group are the worst tippers.  Hint:  It’s not the baby boomers…

I have looked at some surveys where Massachusetts is near the bottom in giving good tips, where we average around 15%.  And this recent survey says Boston is the worst city for giving tips to Uber and Lyft drivers, so that doesn’t speak to highly.  Based just on anecdotal evidence, I’m going to say Massachusetts is in the middle to bottom half of states that tip well.

Also, outside of my barber, waiter or waitress, bartenders, and food delivery drivers…am I supposed to be tipping other people?  Sometimes I just don't know.  If I travel I do leave a tip for house keeping as well.   

Those that work in an industry where you get tips here in Berkshire County…do you agree?  Does Massachusetts not have the best tippers?  Or are we better than I think?  I'd love to proven wrong!

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