Ah, sleep, my old friend. I'm sure you agree that most of us could use more. In my case, I wake up on average at about 3/3:30 in the morning to drive from Pittsfield to the southern Berkshires to handle morning duties on WSBS Radio in Great Barrington. By  2 p.m. I'm ready for a nap. That's the life of an on-air morning personality.

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Don't get me wrong. Working the morning shift with a whacky sleep schedule isn't all that bad as it makes scheduling and attending appointments a bit easier compared to working a 9-5 shift. Plus, I get to enjoy a chunk of the day which is especially attractive to me, particularly during the summer and fall seasons. More importantly, I get to see my wife and daughter during daytime hours. This sleep schedule isn't for everybody though but I'm used to it as I have been working the morning schedule for over 10 years. I actually feel off when I fill in and work an opposite or more normal shift.

How are Massachusetts Residents Doing When it Comes to Getting Good Sleep? 

I bring up my sleep routine because I recently saw a study that was released by Aeris By Irobot that reports the top 10 states that are getting the best sleep and the top 10 states that are getting the worst sleep. Massachusetts ended up on the top 10 list for states getting the best sleep. As a matter of fact, Massachusetts tied with Idaho with a sleep score of 3.39. What does that score mean? Find out by going here. By the way, the number one state with the best sleep is Virginia. We have included an image of the results below.

It looks like Bay Staters are getting some pretty decent sleep. You can get details on the sleep study including the methodology that was used by going here. I know what I want for this Father's Day, some extra sleep. Sweet dreams.

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