What if one day you were driving or walking down a road and came across a field full of rocking horses? That would be a little out of the ordinary, right? Well, such a place actually exists in Massachusetts. There's no doubt that Massachusetts is filled with strange legends and bizarre attractions and here's another example that supports this claim.

Massachusetts is Home to a Rocking Horse Graveyard, No Joke. 

According to a number of YouTube videos, the City of Lynn, Massachusetts contains a piece of land off of Old Sudbury Road which is the site of bizarre artifacts. Well, the artifacts themselves aren't bizarre. You see this piece of land contains dozens and dozens of abandoned rocking horses. In addition, the rocking horses continue to multiply. Other than the rumors of two kids selling lemonade leaving the first rocking horse at the site or starting out as a Halloween display; nobody really knows who keeps adding more rocking horses to the Massachusetts land. Is it a single person? Is it various people from the community? It all remains a mystery.

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According to a YouTube video from Exploring the Obscure, the horses keep being moved around. Sometimes they are arranged in clusters, other times they are all in one big group. Even weirder, the rocking horses are celebrating the holidays. In the video below, Tim Martini fills us in with more details on this interesting site.

While this rocking horse graveyard (or if you prefer "Ponytopia" or "Ponyhenge,") isn't harming anybody, it's definitely a bit strange. I for one would love to take a tour of this graveyard one day. Maybe I'll have my daughter try out all of the rocking horses. She wouldn't find it strange as she would be exploring each and every pony. Exploration is one of the many jobs of a toddler. Stay weird.

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