Holiday travel is something a lot of families do every year. Or even if its just young college students who have to travel home for the holidays. Either way, there's a lot of people that travel around this time of year. And this could be an issue if you decide to travel the weekend of Christmas.

What do we need to look out for?

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According to AAA, projections predict there will be more than 100 million people traveling 50 miles or more this holiday season. This means if their projections are correct, this will be the second highest number of travelers since they started tracking holiday travel in 2000. One of the reasons has to do with the fact that average ticket prices are lower this year. The busiest time for airports are expected to be December 23rd, December 28th, and January 1st with a total of 7.5 million air travelers according to AAA's projections.

Will traveling by car be better than by plane this year?

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As of matter of fact, yes! Unless you're stuck in a traffic jam. But gas prices according to AAA will be reduced slightly as they will be down to $3.15 per gallon on average nationally, a decrease of 12 cents per gallon over 2022 and 22 cents per gallon in the last month. Massachusetts drivers are however paying somewhat more than that, averaging $3.32 per gallon, down 15 cents over last month and 22 cents from a year ago.

According to AAA, after lunchtime or after after 7 p.m. is your best time to hit the road when traveling this year.

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