More than ever it seems like most people are trying to get a great deal or the most bang for their buck and with good reason. Here in Berkshire County, many residents are still feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some Berkshire County residents are still unemployed and are struggling to make ends meet. Most of us have to face issues of gas and food prices at an increase. In addition, when it comes to affordable housing in parts of Berkshire County, many can't land a home within their price range or have to be put on a very long waiting list.

Have You Ever Thought About Selling Your Car Privately in Massachusetts to Make Some Extra Money?

With all of the financial obstacles and hoops that people throughout Berkshire County, Massachusetts, and throughout the country for that matter, have to jump through, one may be looking to make some extra dough. If you are someone that is looking to privately sell your car and this is the first time you're looking into this option, it's good to know that there is a limit in Massachusetts as to how many cars you can sell in a year. This I did not know.

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How Many Cars Can a Private Seller Sell During a One-Year Period in the State of Massachusetts?

According to, a private seller can sell no more than three (3) cars in a one-year period.

What Happens if I Sell More Than Three Cars in Massachusetts During a One Year Period?

If you were to sell more than three cars in the State of Massachusetts during a one-year period then you would be considered a dealer in which case you'll need to be licensed as a used car dealer according to

Also, another good thing to know if you are selling a car privately or purchasing a car privately in Massachusetts is the "Private Party Lemon Law." You can read about this law by going here.

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