The Mass Department of Public Health announced today that the Massachusetts mandate for wearing mask outdoors will be lifted starting Friday when and where social distancing is possible. The guideline states “Face coverings will only be required outside in public when it is not possible to socially distance, and at other times required by sector-specific guidance. Face coverings will still be required at all times in indoor public places. Face coverings will also continue to be required at all times at events, whether held indoors or outdoors and whether held in a public space or private home, except for when eating or drinking.”

Other restrictions that will be eased in the future…
May 10th –
*Indoor and outdoor venues including stadiums will be allowed to increase capacity to 25%.
*Amateur sports tournaments will be allowed including road races and other athletic events, however organizers must first submit plans to their local health boards for approval.
*Singing will be allowed at indoor venues, including restaurants and concert halls as long as social distancing guidelines are adhered to.
*Amusement parks and outdoor water parks can reopen at 50% capacity. Safety plans will have to be submitted to local health officials for approval.

May 29th-
*Gathering limits of 200 people will be allowed indoors and 250 people outdoors.
*Bars, breweries and wineries will be allowed to reopen. All patrons must be seated. Dancefloors and standing room areas cannot be utilized. Table capacity will be extended from 6 people to 10 and social distancing guidelines remain in effect.
*Parades and street festivals will be allowed to resume at 50% capacity.

August 1st –
*The state will rescind the gathering limit and all business will be allowed to reopen if closed and all business will be allowed to operate at 100% capacity.

The Department of Public Health will be closely monitoring the situation and will be issuing additional guidelines as needed.

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