I suppose our "Miracle On 34th Street" conversation the other day on the radio got my mind wondering about just how many number streets there are in the country, let alone Massachusetts.

What goes into a street name anyway? Nature? Colors? Numbers? First or last names of people? Yes, all of those things and more.

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Who is responsible for naming streets, then? I had to google this one...

When it comes to new and modern urban development, developers are typically responsible for naming streets in the new neighborhoods they build. -wonderopolis.org

My friends and I often joke around about how only rich people live in areas with "soft" street names. "Gingerbread Lane" or "Candy Cane Lane" or "Cotton Ball Court", you get the idea.

Then there are those super famous street names, like, "Elm St." or "Wall St." or "Pennsylvania Ave", or "David Ortiz Drive". YAAAAAAA!


As far as the country goes, "Main St." is the most popular, then "2nd St.".

But, What About Massachusetts? What Is The Most Common Street Name In The State?

The Top 5 Most Common Names...

1. Maple (357)

2. Park (319)

3. Pine (278)

4. Pleasant (275)

5. Oak (272)

Information courtesy of boston.com

I guess "nature" will take responsibility for the top street names in Massachusetts. Did you know that some people actually won't buy a house if the address is 13? Sometimes 13 is actually omitted from being a street number because of its association with bad luck!


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