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I feel like it’s a right of passage for parents to step on their kid’s LEGOS.  That’s certainly the case in my home now, as my wife and I are stepping over and on lots of different Spider-Man LEGOS that our son is currently obsessed with.  I actually secretly love this, because it gives me an excuse to both play with LEGOS and Spider-Man as an adult.

And, since he now loves LEGOS, I learned that there’s a LEGO playground for kids (and parents like me) right here in Massachusetts!  It’s called the Legoland Discovery Center, and it’s located in Somerville, Massachusetts, which is directly northwest of Boston, and only around two and half hours from the Berkshires!

The prices are reasonable, costing a family of four about $100.00 for admission ($25.00 per person).  You can spend a little more for a VIP pass, and they also have season passes.

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Some of the attractions include:

MINILAND:  LEGO replicas of some of Boston’s most famous landmarks, from Fenway Park to the Boston Common.



LEGO RACERS: BUILD & TEST:  You can build your own LEGO racecars and test how fast they go on a speed ramp.  Experts will give you tips on how you can improve your LEGO car’s speed!

LEGO MASTER MODEL BUILDER ACADEMY:  This sounds really neat, especially for older kids.  You take part in a hands-on workshop, and you can get tips from the experts on how to build and make your own LEGO set-ups.


MERLIN’S APPRENTICE RIDE:  A fun ride for younger kids where you peddle on a sort of merry-go-round, which will take you higher into the air to collect magic potions…all in a LEGO theme of course.

Those are just a few of the attractions, and honestly it looks like a really fun time for the family.  I’m interested in going, so let us know if you’ve ever been there and what you think!

Check out the Massachusetts Legoland Discovery Center right here!

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