The number one alcoholic beverage consumed throughout the U.S. is beer. New England happens to be a prolific region for where you can find several of the best tasting beers in the country. And in Massachusetts, there are three beers in particular that happen to be listed amongst the most delicious beers in the U.S. So, what are these delicious beers that originate here in Massachusetts?

Recently, the lifestyle publication, '24/7 Tempo', released a list consisting of the top 40 Most Delicious Beers in America. The determination of the rankings throughout the list come from several rankings and reviews from multiple publications specializing in beer, including 'Beer Advocate', 'Craft Beer & Brewing', 'RateBeer', and 'Hop Culture'.

Not only did Massachusetts end up with three beers among the top 40 most delicious beers in America, but it turns out those three were all within the top 22. Let's find out which Massachusetts beers are among the most delicious in America...

  • #22) Very Green - Double IPA - Tree House Brewing Co. - Charlton, MA

The brew is made with both American and Australian hops and according to '24/7 Tempo', Very Green contains a "piney, herbaceous character and a bracing citrus bite." With that character and bite, it's the 22nd most delicious beer in America.

  • #16) Very Hazy - New England IPA - Tree House Brewing Co. - Charlton, MA

With another offering from Tree House Brewing Company, the taste seems to have everything you might expect from a hazy, with a little more kick to it. According to '24/7 Tempo', here's what you will find in the 16th most delicious beer in America:

Big brother to Tree House’s popular Haze, this is a very tasty IPA, medium-to-light in body, with an abundance of fruit – orange, lemon, melon, pineapple…you name it…and a nice edge of hoppy bitterness to counterbalance the sweetness.

  • #9) King JJJuliusss - Double IPA - Tree House Brewing Co. - Charlton, MA

It seems that Tree House Brewing Company cornered the market on the most delicious beers in Massachusetts. Each spot from Massachusetts on the list comes from the brewery based out of Charlton. As for this particular beer, try not to confuse it with their similarly named brews:

Not to be confused with the Tree House’s Julius, King Julius, or JJJulius IPAs (also all worth trying), this is an immensely rich, hops-forward brew offering a whole bouquet of fruit aromas and a pronounced bitterness in the mouth.

Tree House Brewing Company also has locations in Tewksbury, Sandwich, and Deerfield and is more than worth the road trip no matter where you're coming from at any of their locations.

Should you make a trip anywhere in Massachusetts for a brew from Tree House Brewing Company, just know you'll be able to get some of the most delicious beers in America!

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