We're in the final quarter of the year and it's already flying by. Cold weather has made its way into Massachusetts and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Before you know it, Christmas will be here. It's that time of year to plan ahead so you're not stuck in long lines for the upcoming holiday season.

Preparation is Your Friend 

With both Thanksgiving and Christmas being heavy meal holidays and days that usually involve many family members getting together, it's always a good idea to prepare items ahead of time. At least items that are nonperishable. Weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas when I purchase groceries, my wife will have me pick up some holiday meal ingredients a little at a time. Doing it this way ensures we're not stuck dealing with a mad rush trying to get items that are out of stock right before the holiday. Trust me, we have been burnt by doing it that way in the past and it's a bummer.

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There is One Household Item That Won't be Sold to You in Massachusetts on Thanksgiving and Christmas

If you want to procrastinate and wait until the holiday or the day before the holiday to purchase your holiday items, that's up to you but there is one item that won't be sold to you on both Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day if you attempt to purchase it in Massachusetts. That item is liquor. Let's be honest, some people may need liquor to get through the holidays but that's a whole other discussion. But yeah, Massachusetts bans the sale of liquor on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. You can check out more details about this law by going here.

So, if you live or are in Massachusetts and you need liquor (for whatever reason) on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, make sure your purchase it ahead of time, or else you'll be S.O.L.

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