Massachusetts is definitely known for having some of the more prestigious colleges and universities in the entire country. But what about certain amenities on the campus at those colleges and universities? As it turns out, the Bay State is home to a university that happens to be the best of any college or university in the nation, and not only that, but it now holds that title for six consecutive years!

The Princeton Review recently listed the top college based on the 'best campus food'. Sure enough, coming in at #1 on the list is the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. The school has held that title since 2016.

The school has made it a focus to provide 'locally grown and sourced foods'. According to Mass Live, UMass actually has the largest collegiate dining program in the entire nation. This includes four separate dining halls throughout the campus. And aside from their dining halls, they also have two food trucks, along with grab-and-go meals on campus.

This Halloween, they will even host a steak and lobster dinner. Is it too late to enroll in some classes this semester? Apparently, their dining halls have regularly scheduled themed events throughout the school year.

So I'm guessing their Halloween steak and lobster dinner has to look something like this?

Hitesh Dewasi via Unsplash
Hitesh Dewasi via Unsplash

...And also this...

Andre Davis via Unsplash
Andre Davis via Unsplash

At least something to that effect, I'm sure.

Either way, if you're thinking of going to UMass for any classes in the near future, you already have some perks that might just persuade you when it comes to the dining aspect, at least.

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