Considering the fact that Dunkin' was founded in 1950 in Quincy, Massachusetts, you would think with some many locations statewide that would be our most loved brand in the Baystate. But apparently this is not the case according to a new study even though A.I. begs to differ.

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There's a site called which uses Twitter to gather over 2 million tweets from each state with their most favorite brand. Before we get to the most favorite brand in Massachusetts, here's a few other most favorite brands in other New England states. For example, New Hampshire's most favorite brand is 'Brookstone' which had over 67.0% positive tweet while Vermont is 'Darn Tough Vermont Socks' with the highest positive tweet in the country of 92.6%!

Connecticut on the other hand is 'Newman's Oven' which had a positive tweet of 54.3%, while Maine by no surprise was 'LL Bean' and had a positive tweet of 52.1%. Rhode Island's favorite national brand surprisingly was 'Ocean State Job Lot' with a positive tweet of 52.1%. Other non-New England States like New York was 'Calvin Klein' with a positive tweet of 64.3%. New Jersey was 'Prince Sports' with a positive tweet of 57.1%. Since we have a Country Brand in the Berkshire Market, it's safe to talk about Tennessee where Nashville is located and that state's favorite National Brand is 'Mastercraft Boat Company' with a positive tweet of 62.1%.

So, with all these states we just named, what is Massachusetts's Favorite National Brand that isn't Dunkin'?

Courtesy Big Y/Facebook
Courtesy Big Y/Facebook

BINGO! You guessed it! BIG Y World Class Markets. It's more than food or it's no surprise it's my BIG Y! With a positive tweet of 67.8%. There you go, that is Massachusetts's Favorite National Brand that isn't Dunkin'.

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