When it comes to candy, Massachusetts certainly has great taste. For Halloween, Twix turned out to be the favorite in Massachusetts (the year before it was Jr. Mints). For Christmas, Massachusetts selected candy canes. Not a bad choice, but I personally would have chosen the #3 pick Reese's cup minis.

With Valentine's Day coming up next month, I started wondering if there were studies showing what the favorite candy was in Massachusetts for the holiday of love. The folks at Zippia didn't disappoint as they did a study last February (which means a new study for 2022 will probably be coming soon) showing what Massachusetts holds at #1 for favorite Valentine's Day candies.

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The Favorite Valentine's Candy for Massachusetts (2021/Early 2022)

According to Zippia's study from 2021, the favorite candy for Valentine's Day in Massachusetts is a very decadent choice... chocolate roses. Would you have chosen the roses as your favorite? I think I would have chosen chocolate-covered strawberries but it would be close.

Last year's Zippia's study also found the following information:

  • Dove chocolates are preferred to Lindor
  • Only four states prefer conversation hearts
  • People in California actually like candy necklaces

It will be interesting to see what the 2022 study finds for Massachusetts and if there will be any drastic changes from last year.

So grab some chocolate roses (or your loved one's favorite candy) and make this year's Valentine's Day perfect. You can never start planning too early (at the very least, have an idea in mind). You can view more details and results from the study by going here.

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