State Education Commissioner Jeffrey Riley has extended the Massachusetts public schools indoor mask mandate for another month. According to Riley, the mandate that applies to students, staff, and faculty was scheduled to expire on Oct. 1st. It will now run through at least Nov. 1st.  

According to a media release from the office of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, middle and high schools can apply for a waiver from the face-covering rules, but that’s only if 80% of their students and staff have been vaccinated. The original mandate was announced back in August, and it applies to students age 5 and over. Masks do not need to be worn outdoors or while eating. There are also a limited number of indoor activities in which no mask is needed. 

Also, although it is not mandated, it is strongly recommended that students younger than age 5 also wear a mask in school. 


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Often times you may see someone with a mask below their nose and only covering their mouth. That is not an acceptable wearing of a mask. Masks should cover an individual’s nose and mouth.  

For more information about appropriate mask use, you should go HERE: 


In other important coronavirus developments this week, The House and Senate on Monday passed legislation that extends the state’s COVID-19 emergency paid leave program, which is currently scheduled to expire on Thursday of this week. Under the bill, which also speaks to a public education campaign to promote the program’s availability, the program would now be extended until April 1st of 2022.

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