It's difficult to tell for sure if things are truly getting back to normal. Here in Berkshire County and across Massachusetts, the mask mandate has been lifted but businesses, organizations, schools, and more have their own individual protocols on mask-wearing requirements. My philosophy is better to be safe than sorry but that's just me.

Berkshire County and Massachusetts Residents Need Red Sox Baseball

Another thing that is now turned upside down for Massachusetts and Berkshire County residents is the fact that we're being deprived of some of our Boston Red Sox baseball games for 2022. With the Major League Baseball season being cut from 162 games to 156 (at most) due to the labor dispute, Red Sox fans are going to have to wait a little longer for this upcoming season to start. Let's hope that the season doesn't get any shorter. According to the Associated Press, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said that the league and union have not made plans for future negotiations with the lockout in its 90th day. Of course, this is the latest information as of this writing. Things can change at any moment.

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There are Certainly a Number of Celebrities Including Massachusetts Celebrities Who Love the Boston Red Sox Too 

Hopefully, we get a decent Red Sox season this year. Sox fans in the Berkshires and across Massachusetts need their heroes on the field doing what they do best. In addition to the many residents in Berkshire County and Massachusetts who love the Red Sox, these 42 celebrities love the Red Sox too.

These 42 Celebrities are Red Sox Fans

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