Let's put it this way, gambling is something most of us get into and can be extremely addicting. I remember the days before Massachusetts even had casinos and the nearest ones were ether in New York or Connecticut. When I heard a new casino would be opening up in Massachusetts, I was actually quite surprised.

One thing I did not know at one point, was sports betting wasn't even legal in Massachusetts up until now. Only because I remember going to a New York Casino last year and noticed that they had sports betting tables versus in Massachusetts they did not have them. Now that sports betting is officially legal in the Baystate, many casinos are going to start applying for the special license that allows it in the establishment.

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WWLP 22 News reports that a unanimous vote for MGM Springfield for the Category 1 sports wagering license which would allow MGM Springfield to have in-person sports betting and will open its doors for online wagering in the near future. Online wagering calls for a Category 3 License which must be applied for separately.  Commissioner Nakisha Skinner expressed her concerns over how the two parties would share data.

“All of the issues to be concerned about in connection with their category three application. They’re present and very much an issue in their role as a vendor for MGM Springfield.” - Nakisha Skinner

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This means MGM Springfield has to get an operations certificate and meet other conditions before any bets can be placed. The commission is currently in the process of deciding to approve Bet-MGM for a Category 3 license. The official announcement for sports betting will be made in the next few weeks. In-person betting is shooting for January, while online betting is shooting for March.

A vote on MGM’s application last week but that got delayed as the commission discussed Caesars Entertainment and Encore Boston Harbor. They also stated they were not happy that MGM’s application arrived late and that certain portions of MGM’s in-person application referenced information that was only written in the BetMGM application.

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