Massachusetts contains 353 nursing homes. Some rank higher than others. If you ever had to put a loved one in a nursing home you know that the task can be quite daunting with many factors to consider before choosing a care facility. Before you make that tough decision it's highly recommended that you take a tour of the facility. After all, if you do have to put a loved one in a nursing home you want the best possible care for that person money can buy, right?

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Where is the Best Nursing Home in Massachusetts? 

To help with the decision, U.S. News & World Report recently released a list of the best nursing homes in Massachusetts. Distance will most likely play a factor in the nursing home you choose but let's take a look at the best nursing home in Massachusetts for 2024.

Taking the top spot is Aberjona Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Winchester. The facility received a 3/3 rating for long-term care and a 3/3 rating for short-term rehabilitation. Both ratings are high-performing. In addition, the facility received an overall rating of 5/5. Here's an overview of the nursing home per U.S. News & World Report.

Aberjona Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is a large facility with 123 beds and has for-profit, corporate ownership. Aberjona Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is not a part of a continuing care retirement community. It participates in Medicare and Medicaid.

Address: Aberjona Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
184 Swanton St., #1998, Winchester, MA 01890

Phone: (781) 729-9370

Other High-Performing Nursing Homes in Massachusetts to Consider

To round out the top 5 here are the other high-ranking nursing home facilities in Massachusetts.

  • Berkshire Place - Pittsfield
  • Brookhaven at Lexington - Lexington
  • Campion Health and Wellness - Weston
  • Care One at Wilmington - Wilmington

The complete list contains 39 high-performing nursing homes in Massachusetts.

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