We've recently seen and covered a few food recalls that affect Massachusetts residents. Those recalls include:

Another recall that you may be aware of is Similac's baby formula recall. The company has been asking consumers to check their cans as there have been issues with contamination since February. As a matter of fact, a couple of infants got sick and passed away according to The Legal Examiner.

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In addition to the recall, there also has been a shortage in supply issues for Similac's baby formula which is causing price increases along with empty shelves. According to CBS Boston, families across Massachusetts are having a very difficult time finding the formula they need for their little ones as they are searching throughout many locations to find the formula but to no avail.

If you have had success in finding a formula and for whatever reason, you don't need the formula, you can contact Keeping Pace with Multiple Miracles at 508-559-0040 as they are in desperate need of donations. There's also a Baby Formula For Sale public Facebook group that you check out as well. Let's make sure our kids are getting the nutrition they need. This is one product that can't be passed over.

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