Massachusetts vehicle inspections are still on hold as the malware issue with the inspection software provider still has not been resolved.  We’ve had at least two statements saying “we hope to have everything back on line by the end of the week” …last week and the week prior.  So, to hear Governor Baker say it again earlier this week came as no big surprise.

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles continues to extend the grace period for outdated stickers and new registrations.  The RVM announced yesterday that the vehicle inspection period for March and April has now been extended to the end of May. If your vehicle’s inspection sticker expired in March or April you will have until the end of May to get inspected once the system is back online.  If you recently purchased or registered a vehicle after March 23rd you will also have until May 31st to get a valid sticker. If your vehicle inspection was rejected, your 60-day retest window will increase by a day for everyday that the state’s system is down.

Governor Baker said that to the best of his knowledge personal information has not been jeopardized in the malware attack.  He went on to say that his administration has informed Mass police departments not to ticket for expired March stickers.

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A malware attack on a Wisconsin-based vendor Applus Technologies was reported by the company on Tuesday, March 30th and not only caused Massachusetts to shutdown vehicle inspections but also a number of other states that also utilize Applus Technologies system.

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