Today is the last day for fully vaccinated Mass residents to sign up to win the first of five Massachusetts VaxMillions $1-million dollar prizes.  The major prize incentive was launched to encourage Mass residents 12+ to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Yesterday Mass Gov. Charlie Baker sent a reminder through his Twitter account that today (July 22) “is the last day to get fully vaccinated, register and be eligible to win in all five #MassVaxMillions prize drawings”!

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Any Massachusetts resident that is 18 and older and fully vaccinated can enter the drawings through the Mass Lottery to win $1 million bucks.  There will be five drawings over five weeks for the 1-million VaxMillions prize.  Once registered any qualified resident will be entered into the upcoming drawings.  In an effort to get the younger demo vaccinated, any Mass resident between the ages of 12 to 17 can enter one of five drawings to win a $300,000 scholarship grant.

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The first of five VaxMillions drawings will be held next Monday, July 26th with the sign-up deadline today July 22nd.  There will be a drawing each Monday thereafter through August 23rd.  The first winners will be announced on July 29th.

Deadline for Drawing 2 on August 2 is Thursday July 29…Winner announced 8/5.  Deadline for Drawing 3 on August 9 is Thursday August 5…Winner announced 8/12.  Deadline for Drawing 4 on August 16 is Thursday August 12…Winner announced 8/19.  Deadline for Drawing 5 on August 23 is Thursday August 19…Winner announced 8/26.

If you are fully vaccinated, a Massachusetts resident, at least 12-years of age, and want a free million dollars or a $300,000 scholarship, then click on the link to VaxMillions and sign up to win.  Today (July 22nd) is the last day for you to sign up for the 1st of five drawings!  Good luck!

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