It appears that many people buy themselves presents when they're out Christmas shopping, according to a new survey. It also found that half of men wait until the last minute to buy gifts . . . and 53% of people agonize over what to buy.

When you're doing your Christmas shopping, are you only looking for great stuff to buy for other people . . . or are you also grabbing some presents for YOURSELF? It's okay if you're doing the selfish thing . . . you're definitely not alone.

Fact is about 71% of you will buy presents for yourself while you're out Christmas shopping for others.

Here are a few more results from the same survey . . .

1. Half of men leave their Christmas shopping until the last minute, versus about one-third of women.

2. People spend the most on presents for their significant other during their first two years together . . . and the least when they've been together seven years.

3. 53% of people agonize over what to buy for gifts. And men struggle more than women.

4. Only 6% of people say that the most important thing about a present is how much the person spent. 50% say it's the thought that counts.

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