Do you believe in magic? Even if you say no, you might change your mind after what's about to go down on September 23, and 24. We're talking not one but three legendary magicians who have put on performances to the country's biggest stars like Madonna, and even Johnny Depp!

It's not every day you hear about awesome legends making a pitstop to the Berkshires. Especially when it comes to an extraordinary magic show! Over the years I've seen many magic shows and even some amazing tricks. I remember when I was in school back at C.T. Plunkett Elementary (now Hoosac Valley Elementary), when a magician came to town to put on a big magic show in the school's auditorium. His assistant he had as a guest on stage helped him perform a trick she actually gets sawed in half! No lie! Nothing graphic, just a person cut in half. To do this day, I ask myself how? Like they say, magic is all about believing.

So, who are these legends you may ask? Let's find out!

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Meet Garret Thomas, the magic creator himself. Actually, is said to be one of the best close-up Magician still around today. He even recently put on show for Madonna at her London home!

Meet Kozmo, the street performer himself where he puts on many shows talking like Bourbon Street to The Great Wall of China! He even made a guest appearance on The Tonight Show!

Topping things off with Joe Maxwell, the man who pretty much done it all! He toured with Grammy-nominee record artist named "Moby." Joe's mental magic will amaze audiences unlike anyone else with his amazing predictions!


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