In all my time here in the beautiful Berkshires, there is one place I have yet to visit: People have recommended an excursion high atop Mount Greylock, located in Adams, Massachusetts. From what I've seen, the view from up above will take your breath away and I'll need to experience this for myself, one of these days. The good news is this popular destination is open year round, but if I make my appearance it won't be in the winter time, but there are some brave souls that would make the trek during these cold and snowy months.

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This is the highest point in the entire Bay State with a summit that measures almost 3,500 feet and the view encompasses a 60 to 90 mile radius where you can see other neighboring states, so bring your binoculars with you for a sharper image and by all means, snap some photos of your memorable visit.

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The Appalachian Trail that starts in Georgia and works it's way into Maine also bypasses the scenic locale for 12 miles. Mount Greylock has open to the public since 1898 as the area continues to enthrall ALL visitors who arrive from home base and around the world. Keep in mind, you will have a challenge getting up there during the winter months due to increased levels of snow. The BEST time to check this prime scenery is between May and November where visitors can navigate the terrain with ease. The park is open from dawn until dusk and is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Days.

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If you remember, Mount Greylock is also where WTEN-TV's sister station, WCDC (channel 19) as the ABC affiliate from Albany once had not one, but two signals to broadcast their daily programming. Channel 19 has since gone dark and another cluster of radio stations now occupies the transmitter site.

Don't forget to make a stop at the visitor's center to plan your itinerary in advance. Hikers will find the trails easy to navigate and don't forget to check out Bascom Lodge which also offers overnight accommodations which will make your stay a lot more enjoyable. Plus, a must stop is at The Veteran's War Memorial Tower which honors our men and women in uniform, past and present. The monument was first erected in 1932 and is located adjacent to Bascom Lodge.

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Camping is also welcome as those who brave the elements need to get into a wooded area located over a mile into the summit. reservations are recommended as the ideal time to take this task at hand is between the months of May and October.


BOTTOM LINE: For the adventurous side in everyone, heading to Mount Greylock is truly an experience you will NEVER forget and one of these days, I'll make it up there, guaranteed (just not during the winter months). Anyone care to join me? I'm open for company and suggestions at anytime.

(Some information obtained in this article courtesy of Photos of Mount Greylock courtesy of my esteemed colleague, Ryan Pause)

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